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>> Group(s) : feldspars, silicates
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A feldspar from the family of plagioclases, discovered in 1841 in Marmato in Colombia, is named after its abundant presence in the Andes in South America.
A blood red variety, whose color is due to copper, was discovered in 2002 Congo near the Goma region. Some green-yellow two-tone andesine, also come from Congo.

Exploited sites

It is found in Colombia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Japan, Russia (Eastern Siberia), and many sites in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The red variety comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Use in jewelry

It is cut in facettes and is used in jewelry, especially the well-colored varieties like the red andesine from Congo .

Daily care and precautions

With a sufficient hardness for jewelry, it can be cleaned with water containing detergent and should be rinsed with limescale-free water and then alcohol.

Looking alike stones

cinnabar , descloizite , kammererite , labradorite , ruby , tourmaline

Historical healing properties

The andesine were not widely used in crystal healing, nowadays the red variety is being tested by some lithothérapeutes.

Imitations and treatments

The andesines do not undergo heat treatment and, to date, are not imitated by synthetic stones.

Chemical characteristics

alumino-silicate calco-sodique

Physical characteristics

Main color : pink

Other colors : white, grey, colourless, yellow, red, green

Color of streak : white

Luster : vitreous

Hardness : 6.0 to 6.5

Density : 2.65 to 2.70

Cleavage : perfect

Fracture : uneven

break with very small flat parts

Optical properties

Transparency : transparent, translucent

Refractive Index : 1.542 - 1.563

Double refraction : 0.008

Very weak, two-axis +/ -

visible double refraction : no

Pleochroism : absent

Number of colors : 1

red andesine spectrum system

red andesine spectrum system

Fluorescence : none


Triclinic crystals well shaped, crosslike macle


Crystal system : triclinic

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