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>> Group(s) : sulfates
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Identified by Werner in 1804, its name comes from the Greek "anhydros" which means without water, as opposed to gypsum, which contains it.
A blue variety that comes from Peru is called Angelite.
Another variety from Italy (Costa Volpino in Lombardy) is called vulpinite.

Exploited sites

It is common and present in many deposits.
It is found in the Alps, Tyrol in Austria and France (Tarentaise valley in Bourg-Saint-Maurice), Canada, Germany, Hungary, the United States (California, Colorado ...), Bolivia, Peru, Zaire, Namibia.

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Use in jewelry

Collection stone of low hardness and acid sensitive.

Looking alike stones

apophyllite , calcite , colemanite , dolomite , gypsum , leucite , magnesite , orthoclase

Historical healing properties

On the throat chakra, it will soften it locally, but it’s for its energy action that is described: it would facilitate creative ideas among artists. It would also limit the impulsive reactions by providing smoothness and quietness. Its other name, the Angelite, suggests the soothing action she would have like the guardian angel of our life, his presence would reassure young children. It would protect from negative energies, would help to overcome challenges.

Chemical characteristics

calcium sulfate

Physical characteristics

Main color : colourless

Other colors : white, blue, brown, grey, yellow, black, pink, red

Color of streak : white, grey

Luster : vitreous, pearly

Hardness : 3.5

Density : 2.90 to 2.99

Cleavage : perfect

Fracture : uneven

pearly on the cleavage

Optical properties

Transparency : transparent, translucent

Refractive Index : 1.570 - 1.615

Double refraction : 0.040

Definite, biaxial (+)

visible double refraction : yes

Dispersion : 0.013

Pleochroism : definite

Number of colors : 3

Colorless, yellow, pink, purple

Fluorescence : variable

Some samples may show a red fluorescence


Prismatic, often in compact aggregates


Crystal system : orthorhombic

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