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>> Group(s) : carbonates
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Its name comes from the Spanish region of Aragon, Castille. Identified by Werner in 1797 is a calcium carbonate, like calcite, but crystallizes in another crystal system.

Exploited sites

Very common mineral, it is found in France, Namibia (Tsumeb), Spain, Morocco, Zaire, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Alaska, England, Russia ...

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Use in jewelry

It is faceted cut in its variety of gems, but it is a collection stone. It is used to make ornaments or plates when it is massive and zoned in different colors.

Daily care and precautions

Fragile and of low hardness, it should not be subjected to shocks. Keep discarded from household products.

Looking alike stones

anorthite , calcite , dolomite , kunzite , magnesite , orthoclase , pollucite , sillimanite

Historical healing properties

It would have a beneficial effect on the skeleton and teeth, that’s why she was called in the nineteenth century "stone bone"of the first chakra.
It would also have a soothing effect for the impatient, the anxious, those playing with time and are always late, she would teach them patience, calm, reflection, enabling them to remain in the factual, the concrete without being distracted.

Imitations and treatments

This is a really common stone that is not necessary to imitate.

Chemical characteristics

calcium carbonate

Physical characteristics

Main color : colourless

Other colors : white, blue, grey, orange, pink, red, green, purple

all the existing colors

Color of streak : white

Luster : vitreous, greasy

Hardness : 3.5 to 4.0

Density : 2.94

Cleavage : perfect

Fracture : conchoidal

Optical properties

Transparency : transparent

Refractive Index : 1.530 - 1.685

Double refraction : 0.155

Strong but not as much as calcite, biaxial negative

visible double refraction : yes

Dispersion : 0.019 (0.010)

Pleochroism : absent

Number of colors : 1

Fluorescence : variable

Of different colors and intensity


Prisms, very often twinned.


Crystal system : orthorhombic

Other informations

Astrological sign : Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

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