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Certificates of authenticity

Scientific advances of the twentieth century helped to better understand and identify gems, highlight the misidentification of the past on many jewels of royal crowns ...

The difference in value between two different gems of the same aspect makes it that the buyer wants to be sure that what he acquires is really that on which he will invest ... gemological laboratories fulfill this role. Since the last few decades the scientific equipment available allows competent gemologists to provide essential information :

  • Identification of the type of stone: diamond, sapphire, ruby, spinel, emerald...
  • Authenticity: natural stone not synthetic.
  • Origin: often country or place of origin.
  • Treatments (heating or other) that has been sustained by the stone.
  • Characteristics of the stone: carat weight, shape and cut, dimensions, quality of the polish and proportions of cut, fluorescence, intensity of the color, transparency, and more specifically for the diamonds color and clarity.

The certificate delivered is a true "identity card" with the characteristics of the stone.

As for the diamond, the price difference between stones of the same weight, but with differences in the shade of white and small differences in purity, is so important that the certificate is especially useful.

All the partners provide their stones accompanied by certificates of authenticity, and for diamonds weighing more than 0.50 ct and other stones worth more than € 1,000, a certificate from an independent quality laboratory we selected can be provided.

The informations on the certificate are secured by processes of the same type as for the banknotes such as laminated paper with holograms or special inserts that are not visible to the eye. The stones can be sealed in plastic... diamonds can even receive an invisible laser engraving carrying the certificate number.