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>> Group(s) : carbonates
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Identified by de Saussure in 1792, its name honors the French mineralogist Dolomieu.
Very common mineral, especially as gangue in the ore deposits.
Not to be confused with dolostone which is a rock composed of dolomite.

Exploited sites

It is found in France in the Alps at La Mure, in the Dolomites in Italy, the United States, Spain, Romania, Russia, all over the world ...

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Use in jewelry

A collection stone, transparent varieties are cut in facets.

Daily care and precautions

sensitive to acids, and shocks.

Looking alike stones

albite , aragonite , calcite , fluorite , magnesite

Historical healing properties

It would be a simple stone, a stone that purifies, relaxing when it's pink as rose quartz, but also softer. It cleanses the mind and have a positive effect on cleaning the liver and kidneys. It would help to look at things simply, to avoid complications, to have common sense: it would be perfect to "land" farmers, people close to nature, gardeners. It would facilitate relationships based on simplicity, exchanges between neighbors and friends.

Chemical characteristics

calcium magnesium carbonate

Physical characteristics

Main color : white

Other colors : brown, grey, colourless, yellow, pink

sometimes greenish

Color of streak : white

Luster : vitreous, pearly

Hardness : 3.5 to 4.0

Density : 2.80 to 2.95

Cleavage : perfect

Fracture : uneven

easy cleavage

Optical properties

Transparency : transparent, translucent

Refractive Index : 1.500 - 1.700

Double refraction : 0.179

Strong uniaxial negative

visible double refraction : yes

Pleochroism : absent

Number of colors : 1

Fluorescence : variable

Sometimes pink, yellow...depending on the deposit of origin


Massive prismatic and curved


Crystal system : trigonal

Other informations

Astrological sign : Taurus, Virgo, Libra

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  • Taurus Taurus
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  • Libra Libra

brings common sense in everydays life