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Exceptional 232 carats white diamond found at Cullinan Mine in South Africa

diamant blanc exceptionnel de 232 caratsdiamant blanc de 232 cts de la mine CullinanThe British company Petra Diamonds recently said it had uncovered an "exceptional" 232 carats (46 grams) white diamond at its Cullinan mine in South Africa. The stone is a D colour Type II diamond, which is totally colourless with no measurable nitrogen impurities.
Petra diamonds declined to specify how much the diamond could fetch but analysts estimate a sales price around $15 million dollars. This precious stone will be auctioned before the end of this year.
The Cullinan mine is known for producing the world largest gems and rare blue diamonds. Last January, Petra unearthed an incredible flawless blue diamond weighing in at 29 carats (5.8 grams).
diamant bleu blue moon de Cullinandiamant bleu sur une bagueThe value of the so-called “Blue Moon” diamond, which took six months to be cut (now 12 carats), is not yet known, but the company Cora International bought the rough diamond for $26 million dollars.
It is a historic stone that it is one of the rarest gems with this deep blue colour and clarity in this size to be found in recent history.
Since September 12th, 2014, the “Blue Moon” diamond is displayed at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Thanks to these incredible discoveries, the Cullinan mine beats all the records.