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Famous diamonds : a royal diamond, the Penthièvre

the penthievre diamondThe "Penthièvre" is a daffodil-yellow oval-cut diamond with many inclusions that weighs 10 carats. It belongs to the Château de Chantilly where it is on display.

Its history is closely linked to the fall of the French monarchy. Unlike some other famous diamonds, it isn't known for being part of some intrigues or some plots of any kind, it has been simply handed down from one generation to the other.

famous diamonds : the penthievreThe "Penthièvre" was named after the Duke of "Penthièvre", Louis Bourbon, who owned it until his death in 1793 and happened to be the last legitimate heir of the French king Louis XIV.

The diamond was saved from the decree published soon after the death of the Duke that stated the arrest and confiscation of the Bourbons' fortune and estate. His daughter, Louise Marie Adelaide de Bourbon inherited the "Penthièvre" and had it as a part of her dowry when she married the Duke of Orleans renamed "Egalité" for his liberal convictions that didn't save him from the guillotine. The couple had six kids, only two survived among them Louis Philippe, France's last king. With the political chaos generated by the revolution, Louise moved to Spain and saw her goods impounded. She came back to France in 1814 and got a part of her heritage back. She probably got the "Penthièvre" as it was listed in her daughter in law - the queen Marie Amelie -'s jewel inventory written the 25th November 1839 by Constant Bapst, the royal family's official jeweller. The latter described a pin with a yellow diamond estimated 10 000 francs, this pin was again mentioned in the Comte de Paris' heritage when he died in 1894. The Comte de Paris gave it to his son Philippe, the Duke of Orleans who is said to have given it to the Duke of Guise.

The "Penthièvre" belongs to the treasures stolen in the Gem Tower in the Conde Museum on 12th October 1926 and found on the 20th December of the same year. Since then it has been on display at the Chantilly Museum where it can be seen on an exceptional gold-silver setting with 685 diamonds that was made by the jeweller Maurice Seror.