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Having your gemstone mounted on a ring

How to set up the mounting of your gemstone on a ring

ring "liaison" from Susie OteroOn you found the gem you have been looking for a long time ... and now you want to get it mounted on a ring.

We offer you different models of rings from Susie Otero and other partners : contact us and tell us which gemstone you want to be mounted and if you have found among our rings the models that you please: let us know which one it is and we will advise.

Tell us your ring finger size, and which stone you want mount ...

In any case, there is a solution to showcase your stone according to your wishes.

Here are some ideas ...

Susie Otero "liaison" ring
Susie Otero "solitaire Julia" ring                                              Susie Otero "solitaire" ring  
 ring "solitaire Julia" from Susie Otero                   ring "solitaire" from Susie Oteroring "solitaire" from Susie Otero            

Susie Otero "mille et une nuits" ring                                      Susie Otero "empire" ring                        Susie Otero "la vie est belle" ring

  ring "mille et une nuits" from Susie Otero ring "Empire" from Susie Otero  ring "la vie est belle" from Susie Otero