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Its name comes from the Hebrew "Sappir" which referred for a long time the blue…

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  • Diamonds from Guinea
    Diamonds from Guinea

    This film takes you on a dangerous and perilous adventure, penetrating a region…

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Welcome to the gems portal

For over 20 years I have traveled the world to help you discover the mines of the finest gems in the world thanks to my 22 films : " In pursuit of precious stones ". To share my passion I created this site, the gems’ portal where you will find everything you ever wanted to know ... on this magical world of gemstones.

Thanks to the contacts I have established with owners of mines and all those who are responsible for the marketing of gemstones, I give you access to a virtually unlimited choice of the finest gems : you can now buy at the " local price " without intermediaries through internet.

On my website my selected partners offer their extraordinary stones and finest jewelry at a " web price " ... browse, look at the stones from all the angles ... choose your stone, share my adventures through my films.

I hope you will have as much fun as me!