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Mineral Gem 2014 edition: minerals and gemstones at Sainte-Marie aux Mines

Sainte Marie aux Mines – Mineral and Gems 2014 edition - June 26-29

More than 1 000 exhibitors from 50 countries showed this year and some tens of thousands of passionate visitors came to admire precious rough and cut gems.

eudialytes from Russiatourmalines and quartzAt the mineral part of the show, visitors were seduced and impressed by the numerous Brazilian exhibitors who showed mainly quartz of various kinds and colours.
Russian traders unveiled some purple charoites, green seraphinites and burgundy colour eudyalites.
Chinese exhibitors made a statement with fluorite- spessartite - stibine crystals and with pieces of green pyromorphites rather rare in the past.

pyrite from Navajun SpainrhodochrositeAmong the other exhibitors, some Spanish ones from the Navajun region presented exceptional shiny cubic pyrite crystals. In the Prestige gallery, a temporary museum were only one-of-a-kind pieces are displayed, experts and visitors could admire huge lidocoatite crystals from Afghanistan, rough blue opals from Namibia and beautiful morganites from Brazil.