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Mineral Gem 2014 edition: precious stones at Sainte-Marie aux Mines

Sainte Marie aux Mines – Mineral and Gems 2014 edition - June 26-29
More than 1 000 exhibitors from 50 countries showed this year and some tens of thousands of passionate visitors came to admire precious rough and cut gems.
4 kg opal from Ethiopiaopals from EthiopiaA 4kg-rough opal was among the show's highlights, many visitors admired it and some happy few had the opportunity to hold it.
However this exceptional piece did not hide the rest of the Ethiopian opals for sale.
Opals were once again the stars of the show this year, at relatively affordable prices, and visitors could discover some black treated ones.

cat's eye pezzottaite from Madagascarblue amber from Dominican RepublicAmong the things to remember: beautiful peridots from Myanmar and Pakistan, quality gem rhodocrosites from Namibia, sliced-cut diamonds missing hydrogen atoms which resulted in dark spots, lovely tourmalines from Afghanistan still beloved by jewellers. A special pezzottaite from Madagascar with a cat’s-eye effect was not to be missed.

Outdoors one could see, compare and buy a large quantity of amber, most of the stones were of poor quality apart from the slightly blue ones from Sumatra and the remarkable ones from the Dominican Republic cherished by amber lovers.