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Somewhere over the fancy diamond Rainbow Collection

Eddy Elzas' rainbow collectionEddy Elzas' unique and world known collection of coloured diamonds has been presented from 6th until 10th April, 2014 at the Israel Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv on the occasion of the US and International Diamond Week and is now displayed at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum afterwards until April 26th, 2014.

It is not the first time that the Rainbow Collection is shown to the public, in fact it has been exhibited 47 times since 1979, the year it was unveiled in Antwerp. This treasure weighs 350 carats, is composed of 300 fancy diamonds cut in various shapes including 3 extremely rare red ones, 2 of which weigh more than a carat. The entire collection is estimated to worth over 100 million dollars and is insured for approximately 60 million dollars.

Eddy Elzas was among the first diamond dealers and brokers in the seventies to bet on fancy diamonds at a time when only white diamonds were considered and searched for. The Rainbow Collection illustrates a lifetime passion that started 40 years ago when Eddy Elzas got his first coloured diamond in exchange of a pack of cigarettes. And the fabulous story goes on; in 1981 the king of Saudi Arabia asked to buy the collection as a wedding present to prince Charles and princess Diana but Eddy Elzas refused.

Fancy diamonds are also under the spotlight this spring at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles where the 167 carat Aurora Butterfly of Peace is showcased until 3rd of June 2014. It is made of 240 coloured diamonds collected by Alan Bronstein and interpreted by the late artist Harry Rodman.

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