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Spinel of Mogok : the rising gemstone

multicolored spinel crystals from Mogokspinel crystals from BurmaThe main change I can see in Mogok is that the prices of gemstones have peaked locally and throughout Burma. Like the ruby, mining techniques remain the same, as well as the deposits.

spinel market in Mogokloose spinels in MogokChinese buyers are buying at a very high price many of the stones for sale, as in many countries worldwide, including poor quality stones.

Spinels, yet little known about fifteen years ago, were accessible and colours like red and pink were pretty easy to find, crystals and stones for the collector market too.

Today this stone is increasingly sought in its beautiful hues like deep red, called "ruby colour". To be able to find an over 2 carats stone with such features is like “seeing the face of God”, as they say in Burma.

red cut spinels from Mogok in MyanmarIf you are lucky and one of these wonders crosses your path, you will see: the selling price in dollars will display not less than 3 zeros.

It is true that the spinel is a remarkable gemstone, whose hardness and durability are very close to the ruby and the sapphire. It is only fair that finally the world of jewellery acknowledges its quality.

What I noticed for spinels also applies to sapphires: when the blue hue of the sapphire is bright, its price suddenly rises and the gem is sold on the spot.