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The Cullinan mine’s winning blue diamond

cullinan mine's bue diamondFriday 13th June 2014 was a lucky day for Petra Diamonds, a leading mining group listed on the London Stock Exchange that owns the Cullinan mine. The group announced that day the discovery of a 122.52 carat-blue diamond, the biggest blue rough diamond ever extracted. The renown cursed "Hope" diamond was most probably cut in a 112-carat rough stone. Blue diamonds are the most rare ones after the red ones and a surge of the bids is expected on the auction day scheduled shortly after the 30th June 2014 in Johannesburg, the venue is kept secret.

The Cullinan mine in South Africa is famous for big diamonds and has hit once again the headlines with this exceptionally pure blue diamond. According to some experts the auction should beat records and the diamond could be valued for more than 102 million dollars. The last sale record dates back in February 2010 and concerns a pure white 507-carat diamond bought for 35.3 million dollars. Petra Diamond has already sold earlier this year a rough blue diamond of 29.6 carats for 25.6 million dollars. The mining group owns the Cullinan mine since 2008 and has found diamonds that have boosted the market such as a blue 25.5 carat-one (2013) worth 16.9 million dollars and the well known "Star of Josephine" (2008) valued 9.49 million dollars.

Following the discovery announcement on the 13th June, Petra Diamonds’ price share has risen 7% and has reached its highest peak in the last two years.

As to know if this blue diamond symbol of fortune for the mining group will bring luck to the future owners once cut, the question remains. Far from the story of the cursed "Hope" diamond, this blue Cullinan should continue to draw attention.