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The gemstones portal

The aim of the precious stones homepage is to make you enter the real world of precious stones.

Not only will you discover exceptional gems which can only be seen in museums, in shops owned by the biggest jewelers or at large auction sales, but you will also see them as they most frequently appear, in the shape of precious, decorative or rare stones, either in cut form or in their natural state.

You will see photographs which are as true to life as possible... no intensified colours, nor any stage-setting which could give any false impression of the stones.

You will be able to share the thrill of seeing the extraction of these stones in 22 documentary films made in the four corners of the world; there you will see the reality of the daily life of miners, as well as visit the greatest treasures which include exceptional pieces.

The free access encyclopedia contains a synthesis of today’s world of precious stones. The information you will find there caters to gemologists, jewelry professionals, amateurs, to those of you who wear jewelry, as well as... the curious.

Its unique and accessible search engine allows you to rapidly find the information you seek... and that too in 9 languages. If you want to know how to clean your precious stone, if you are interested in lithotherapy, in matching stones with astrological signs, if you want to know about imitations... then start surfing!

An online shopping section allows you to quickly find the stone or jewel of your dreams... all the stones and jewels are made available by partners of the website, rigorously chosen for their serious reputation and professionalism.

And soon we will invite you to make a real life encounter with the world of precious stones... to embark upon specialized journeys to discover for yourself the mines of precious stones in their countries of origin.