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The ownership of the Bahia emerald at controversy

Known as the biggest emerald in the world, this "green gold" weights 38 kilos i.e. 180 000 carats and is valued 400 million dollars.

A dozen green crystals are visible on the emerald's surface. This stone is currently in the Los Angeles sheriff's office. Indeed the ownership is very much at stake since 2009, the year the state of Brazil claimed to be the right and only legitimate owner over the FM Holdings, an American holding group. The stone is considered as a national treasure today by the government of Brazil.

The Los Angeles Supreme Court remains sceptical over Brazil's arguments since this country took some time to claim its ownership.

The story of the stone is full of happenings. It was allegedly found in 2001 in the Bahia region and brought to Sao Paulo to be sold. From there it was given to an expert based in LA who sent it to New Orleans where it got lost during hurricane Katrina. Larry Biegler, a Californian businessman said that he found it in the water and declared its loss in 2009 to the Los Angeles County.

The police's investigations brought the sheriff to FM holdings.

Will it be given back to Brazil, its native country? For the moment the Californian judge has suspended the proceedings and asked Brazil to review its plea.